Laura Fredricks, JD


Laura Fredricks, JD is the Billion Dollar A$K Maker Powerhouse, who as CEO and Founder of THE A$K© trains and coaches nonprofits and businesses on How to A$K for Money…and More of It. She is the first to combine the most trusted professions, law and philanthropy, to show how any person, charity or business can raise money to unprecedented levels. For over 27 years, she has advised organizations around the globe on current trends that impact and influence the for-profit and nonprofit world. Her five books, including THE A$K©, are the international industry leading go-to guides. Her latest book: “THE ASK: For Business, For Philanthropy, and Everyday Living” (October 2017), has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, teenagers, artists and philanthropists get their Best Life Possible, through THE ASK.

Laura is today’s Money Wellness Expert and Media Personality. Her “Asking Strategies for Better Living” have been featured in: Shape; Women’s Health; Self; Huffington Post, WSJ; and landed on the cover of THE BRIDAL GUIDE – “How to ASK your way to your Destination Wedding.” She has been interviewed for Anderson Cooper 360; ABC News and Fox’s America’s Headline News.


Major Gifts

Good Stewardship Increases Loyalty


This totally new approach will position you and your fundraising team for sustainable success. Why is it that we wait until the person makes the gift to decide how, when, where to best steward the donor? Why do we let the level of the gift determine the level of stewardship? In this brand new session, […]

Major Gifts