Karla A. Williams, ACFRE

The Williams Group

Over the years, Karla’s work as a consultant, teacher, author, and speaker has inspired organizations across the country to accomplish unlimited goals with limited resources. Her students and colleagues have been motivated by her keen sense of the donor environment, her propensity for challenging assumptions, her principled participative leadership philosophy, and her unique classroom levity.

Karla is an organizational consultant with more than 35 years of professional nonprofit leadership. Her firm, The Williams Group, has assisted over 300 nonprofits to develop strong donor focused cultures.

Karla penned the first article on the importance of Creating a Philanthropic Culture, published in Contributions Magazine in 1995. She is the author of two highly-acclaimed books; Donor Focused Strategies for Annual Giving, a fundraising classic, and her newest book written for executive directors, Leading the Fundraising Charge.

As a teacher, Karla has helped shape the fundraising profession while inspiring colleagues to see fundraising as a calling.

She is the Faculty Director and a Founder of the new Leadership Gift School, Institute Philanthropic Leadership in Charlotte, NC. She also serves as adjunct faculty with three universities: The Fundraising School, Lilly Family Center of Philanthropy at IUPUI; the Masters Program in Philanthropy and Development at St. Mary’s University of MN; and the Fundraising Certificate Program at the University of St. Thomas Center of Business Excellence.


Communications and Annual Fund

Why Every NPO Needs it


Top 3 immediate benefits to be derived from attending session: 1. Discover how donors are changing annual fund theory and practice 2. Learn about the latest donor trends and giving patterns 3. Explore how donor segmentation translated into multiple annual campaigns

Growing Annual Sustainability

Creative Strategies for Individual Donors


Top 3 immediate benefits to be derived from attending session: 1. Explore how individualized cases motivate donors to give more, more often 2. Discover what other organizations are doing to meet donors’ need for impact 3. Learn how to tailor your communications for each donor segment

Growing Annual Sustainability